In this scene before there was going  to be a war and Cassius did not want to die on his birthday ? The conspirators were my favourite people due to the fact that they killed Caesar and the way they killed him. But with Cassius and the tent on fire he had a choice go […]

1. C3H8 + 3O2 > 3CO2 + 4H20 2. Al2 (5O3)3 + NaOH > Na25O3 + 2A1(OH)3 3. 4aI2O3 + 9Fe > FE 304 + 8al 4. 2kc1O3 > 2kc1 + 3O2 5. 3c4 + 8hno3 >  3c4 (no3)2 + 2no + 4h20 In physics, a conservation law states that a particular measurable property of […]

THE HUNGER GAMES! In the Hunger games there are 3 main characters: Katniss, Peeta & Gale. Every year there are always 24 Children/Adults from different districts to play in a death game that they have to survive and try to be the last one standing. Each district 2 People are randomly selected (1 Male and […]

Task 2 How has Shakespeare shown Antony’s reaction to Caesars murder? Shakespeare made Antony hate Caesar because the conspirators where there but then when he was all alone he was Truely sorry about Caesar. A curse shall light upon the limbs of men: Domestic fury and fierce strife.

when I watched the video it was mainly about weight and the man that was going all around the country giving the viewers information about weight and the history of how they measured weight. I remember one moment when he had asked 2 females which block was heavier and it turned out that people found […]

The surface area can effect the heating if it is hot by robsbly the weather or probably something hot has made the surface hot or other non important. But when the mug or cup is already heated it will help keep it heated for longer 

Do you believe in miracles? I do not believe in miracles because it does not exist. I have wished for something over night or day and in the end it did not come true. In some cases when you wish for a good day it may sometimes work because you don’t do anything bad or […]

You are dull, Casca, and those sparks of life That should be in a Roman you do want, Or else you use not. You look pale, and gaze, And put on fear, and cast yourself in wonder To see the strange impatience of the heavens. But if you would consider the true cause Why all […]

The story itself gets deeper and deeper between Caesar and Cassius and we have not met a brand new cast member named trebonius. And friendships are being formed within Cassius and Brutus as they are getting along with everything and probably working together . And what the scene is probably mainly about is the conspiracy […]

Why does Cassius hate Caesar?? Cassius hates Caesar with him being a god to everyone since he is now known and trustworthy to the people! But if Caesar was a god Cassius would always have to bow down to Caesar which in my opinion I would hate to do that as well! But Cassius also […]